Michael Hyland is as "Out of the Box" as you get.  His unwavering faith energizes him and provides him with the spiritual fuel needed to maintain the drive necessary to help others improve their quality of life.  Through Biblical teaching, he brings the message of the Kingdom of God to practical implementation that will help you thrive in todays seven areas of culture (economy, government, family, religion, arts, education, media).

As a leader in the marketplace, Michael has been a successful businessman with over 30 years experience in manufacturing management.  He and his wife Rachel owned their own manufacturing business for 10 years.  He currently serves on the Board of Directors and Board of Advisors for different organizations.

Michael's passion comes alive when given the opportunity to teach others to find clarity in their God given gifts. His desire is to help people develop in their field and discover convergence for themselves; that unique place where Passion, Potential and Purpose collide known as P3 in his book.  Michael speaks at conferences, churches, luncheons, retreats and other events.

Michael and Rachel also minister together and facilitate retreats across the country.  As a result of the unique healing journey in their own lives, God has called them to a ministry of transparency which helps bring healing to those they have mentored and coached along the way. 

They now offer the following retreats which can be booked in your local area. 

  • UnLeashed - Dealing with issues of the past through inner healing teachings and empowering individuals to walk out a life of Victory & Purpose
  • UnStuck - A Marriage Retreat that helps get the house back in Gods order, "where the two become one again" and fulfill the vision God has for them.  This retreat is good for any couple regardless of length of marriage or condition of the relationship.
  • UnLimited - Discovering your Purpose and Empowering you to walk in it.
  • PreMaritalBoot Camp - Walking engaged couples through a course that equips them with the tools they will need for a successful life long marriage.   

Visit their website for more details   www.integroministries.org

(Integro is Latin for "Renewed, Refreshed, Repaired")