My New Release - "Discovering Convergence P3"

Convergence:  Where Passion, Potential and Purpose Collide


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Empowering You To Find Your Purpose

Have you ever just sat down and asked yourself:
• What am I here on earth for? 
• Do I really have a purpose? 
• What is the dominate gift I possess?

 Just to get frustrated and move on to something else.

This Book/Workbook will allow you to see how God took me from longing to know the answer to these questions concerning my purpose, to thrusting me right into my Destiny.  Once I was committed to the challenge of seeking out my gifts and calling, God revealed to me more than I could have ever imagined possible.  We truly need to have our minds renewed to fulfill the mandate that God assigned to us while here on earth.  I hope you enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed taking the 10-Day Challenge to Discovering Convergence in my life.


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Invest in your future

"You can only pull Equity Out of something you've Invested In"

If your not getting the return on investment you'd like out of Life, Employment or Ministry you're not investing with the right tools.  Let us help you Discover P3.


Discovering Convergence P3

By: Michael Hyland

"ON EARTH" Marketplace Seminar

 It's time the church decides it is no longer going to just exist within it's four walls; time to recognize that the WHOLE WORLD belongs to Jesus.  The moment the church realizes this and shifts, is the  moment the Kingdom gains access to the Resources, Money and Influence necessary to change world systems.  It's time we become preeminent in the Marketplace.

This seminar will identify the territories we have lost and teach us how to take them back (Economy, Education, Media, Family, Government, Religion, Arts).

You'll learn how to identify your strategic position in the marketplace and how to be effective in taking over your territory. 

The Bible says "Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, On Earth as it is in Heaven"; which means, we are to rule earth just like God rules Heaven.  We can't do that by keeping everything inside the church walls.

Relevant topics we will explore:

Transfer P3 to Business - How To Unpack Your Convergence In The Marketplace

Learn What Favor Looks Like -  "Living in the FOG"

Live The Experience of Christ Without Looking "Preachy"

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